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About Us

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  - Helen Keller

For five years, we have been building gardens for low income communities with our partner Seattle Tilth to reach the sustainable development goals. We discovered the benefits of using worms to turn food waste into a rich natural compost. Red wigglers are amazing composters.  The worms eat the food waste and what comes out is castings full of nutrients.  You can use the castings directly or steeped in water like tea.  500 worms can eat 2 pounds of food waste a week and the result is 1 pounds of casting.

With this in mind, we started to work with Rainer school, the largest residential facility in Washington state for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Rainier School had started a worm composting business but were struggling with how to build a business model for expansion of their program. We did a needs assessment and found that worm composting fulfills a local consumer demand for healthy gardens. We then developed the business plan. We launched our brand –Fertilives, with a tagline “Feeding heart and soil”.  We are much like the red wigglers that produce our products: we have multiple hearts, each grounded in a cause. 

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Enactus CityU

Enactus has been active at City University of Seattle since 2004. It started when a group of business students wanted to help their community and world in a real way. When the students approached the faculty about bringing Enactus on campus, the CityU administration and faculty were immediately on board – as the organization directly supported CityU’s mission of providing a relevant and lifelong education for our students.

With representatives from 6 different continents, CityU Enactus is home to members from 25 different countries from all around the world. Using the group's cultural diversity as one of its many strengths, CityU Enactus develops local and international projects that create opportunities for other people to have a better life in communities worldwide. 

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Rainier School

Rainier School is a habilitation center for individuals with developmental disabilities located within the city limits of Buckley, Washington about a mile-and-a-half from downtown. The campus is situated in a peaceful country setting with a unique and prominent view of Mount Rainier.

Rainier School's first residents arrived in October 1939 from what is now known as Lakeland Village. Then named Western State Custodial School, Rainier School was the only such facility in Western Washington. Resident population peaked in 1958 at 1,918. The facility was renamed Rainier State School in 1947 and then Rainier School in 1956.

Today, Rainier School's population is about 370 adults with a wide variety of abilities and needs. 24-hour residential care and specialized care or teaching is provided in the areas of work or vocational training, leisure activities, social relationships, and everyday life tasks. Programs and services are individualized and designed to enhance self-determination and maximize independence.

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